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    It's officially summer and it is high time to plan your summer vacation.  GO SARANGANI TRAVEL can help you recommend where to go this summer.


    You ask what is the next big thing in Region 12, we are crossing our fingers -- but I believe in a heartbeat, its going to be Paragliding in Sarangani.  It is definitely a #1fo [ ... ]

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The opening ceremony brought about 500 runners to join the 3K and 5K fun run to Isla Jardin del Mar. Vice Governor Steve Solon opened the Festival welcoming fellow residents and tourists alike to the wonderful coastal areas of Sarangani Province.

 The Tuberculosis Board (TB Board) also showed their commitment to make Sarangani TB free and were inducted in to the task.  Congressman Emmanuel Pacquiao who brought with him a tv actor friend, Paolo Contis, also expressed that the world has to see the beautiful beaches of Sarangani. Mayor Tata Yap also welcomes tourists to enjoy Glan.

Sarangani Bay Festival are known for their events. Yearly the highlights are the Swim Across the Bay, Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Skim boarding among others.  Contenders from Visayas and Mindanao come and join these activities.

                                     Beach Footvolley also played in Sarangani bay fest.

                 Skimboarding Competition

Other activities include the Sand Sculpture, Sayaw sa Tag-Araw, Cheerdance by the Bay and the Bay Fair. Tourists were getting henna tattoos, enjoying the beach, and the food available at the Bayfair.


If you like to party, this event would not be the Biggest Beach Festival without its nightly entertainment.  If you missed it this year, please block your May 2012 for Sarangani Bayfest!

                                              Winners of the Sarangani Bay Bodies

                             Rocksteddy giving its spectators every bit of FUN.


Immediately after, I connected with a friend from WWF, no other than Lory Tan, CEO and Vice Chairperson of World Wildlife Fund in the Philippines.  In the midst of this confirmation, we pinned down a date --  May 22-24 for the Marine Mammal Training for Sarangani.

On May 22 we were joined by the group from DENR Regional team, Bureau of Fisheries, Municipal Environmental Officers, the General Santos City Environmental Officers, Staff and On the job trainees of Environmental Conservation & Protection Center, Philippine Coast Guard, Sarangani Tourism group, NGOs and volunteers from Manila and Cetecean experts on the field. We had the privilege of having sessions Dr. Jom Acebes, Elson Aca, whale boy A.G. Sano, and Lory Tan.  


The training confirmed that Sarangani Bay is indeed abundant with whales and dolphins. In the next 2 days, we expect to identify what we have in the Bay.  Our survey is definitely a discipline because we were at Lemlunay by 5 am and ready to board the pump boat.  Our schedule was set for us to be  out from 5 am until 3 pm in the afternoon.  We had to bring our binoculars, sun block and get ready to be as observant as possible. Each one had to take 1 hour turns to be watchers.

(Photo by Toby Martin)

Sarangani Bay indeed did not disappoint us. On the first day of our survey we found Frigid Birds flying around and taking their fish fresh from the ocean.  We see the ecosystem at work when a fisherman speeds toward where birds are flocking.  Fishing a bigger fish is almost sure... because where there are smaller fish, bigger ones are swimming around and eating the smaller ones.  Sarangani Bay is filled with this rich biodiversity and action!

But nothing gets your adrenalin higher than seeing the actual marine mammal right in the wild.  The first sightings was a huge pod of about 15-20 Risso's dolphins... What was wonderful was seeing a mother and calf swimming.. Other dolphins breaching (or jumping up in mid-air), and the others were so playful they even waved using their fluke (tail).  It was an amazing sight!

(Photo by Toby Martin)

Sarangani in 2 days had a total of six sightings in different locations from the mouth to inside the bay.  The species confirmed in 2 survey days were the Pygmy Sperm whale, Dwarf Sperm whale, and the Risso's dolphins.  As for the Orcas they were not sighted in those 2 days. However, its not the end of the its story.  Dr. Jom Acebes a cetecean expert, proceeded to Balut island. On her approach, she confirmed a sighting of three orca whales.  Many don't believe what we are saying, but more and more there are sightings of orcas in the Philippines. There are also confirmed sightings in Negros Oriental.  

It tells us that the Philippines including Sarangani Bay could be a more probable and safe areas for these marine mammals to thrive.  It tells us that we need to protect them, we need to keep our waters healthy for them exist among us.  For Sarangani, this discovery is a definite treasure.  We hope that by early next year we can offer whale and dolphin watching as a tourism activity for tourists to learn and enjoy!

Written by: Michelle Solon


The Eco-Mismo roadshow finally hit Mindanao with Soccsksargen as the region to host this conference.  Former President Fidel Ramos together with his team from RPDEV Foundation gathered experts in the tourism field to share their knowledge on the trends and good practices in Eco-Tourism.

Speakers such as Dr. Lory Tan of WWF, former Secretary of Tourism Narzalina Lim, Mariglo Laririt of Ten Knots of Palawan were among those who took time to update the region about Eco-tourism in this present days.  Cornering on topics that are most relevant especially to those whose investments are on tourism and who rely on natural resources as their main product for tourism.


A workshop was held in Sarangani with both the private and government sector to discuss 3 main topics:  Investment Promotion, Product Development, and Preservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage.  The workshop brought about key points that the private sector  together with its young Governor Migs Dominguez will have to address to make the tourism industry more viable.

 Former President Fidel Ramos encouraged everyone that We can do it together as the crowd follows with "Kaya Natin To".

This successful conference also overflowed to Koronadal City and was also another successful conference.

This will pre-judge the Talent Portion of Pearl and the 50% of the Swimsuit Competition score of the 7 ladies from the 7 Municipalities of Sarangani.  The final Pageant Night of the Pearl of Sarangani on November 26, 2009 at 7PM in the Sarangani Provincial Capitol Gym.

The Pearl of Sarangani in KCC Mall on November 21 will not charge any entrance fee and is totally FREE!  We invite you to join us as we celebrate the 17th year of the MunaTo!

See you at KCC Convention Center on November 21...


   For the very first time, Sarangani's Tourism Industry Association (SARTIA) plays a big role in advertising the province of Sarangani under the cluster of Region 12. Sarangani offered an array of products from Farm Tours, Scuba Diving, White Sand beaches, and its River tubing at the Philippine Travel Mart last September 4-7, 2009 at the SM Megamall trade hall.

    Also enjoined with other provinces of Region 12, the booth won first place as Best Booth in Region Category. The overflowing tinagtag of Cotabato City was truly enjoyed by the visitors.  

   Despite the economic melt down experienced internationally, Philippine tourism remain strong due to its domestic buyers.




Posted by: wwwgosa in SARTIASarangani tourismSaranganimyblog on

The USWAG SARANGANI Week celebrates the industries that supports a progressive Sarangani.  The Sarangani Tourism Industry Association (SARTIA) organized together with the Sarangani Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) conducted several seminars aimed to help the Tourism businesses in Sarangani.


Mr. Antonio Lazaro of UP Asian Institute of Tourism became the key speaker to the seminar on Resort Planning and Development last July 22.  Meanwhile, Ms. Claire Mangoba of Post Adventures, Inc. an advertising and merchandising agency in Manila was the resource speaker of Branding Seminar last July 23. 

     This event was organized by Sarangani's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Sarangani Tourism Investment and Promotion Center (STIPC), and Sarangani Tourism Industry Association (SARTIA).  This program intends to bring out the best and most unique Sarangani dishes that will be promoted and served in their establishments. The Culinary Competition highlights the indigenous ingredients found in Sarangani province and dishes are judged for its creativity, originality, and contribution to Culinary Culture.

      The judges of this event were Ms. Anna Park, a chef and food consultant of Vivere Suites in Alabang, Ms. Pria Solon, a managing director of Pria's Kitchen and Catering Services and food consultant for many food brands, and Mr. Virgil Allan Casquejo of Goldenstate College. The full day event filled the Sarangani gym with delicious aroma of originally Sarangani dishes.

     Winners in each category received a plaque and the winning signature dish gets a cash prize of P7,000.00. An overall winner who had a consistent standing and highest scorer when adding all the categories got a free consultation with the Chefs and also a cash prize of P5,000 with a Gasulette Stove.  This activity indeed brought out the secret recipes that could best describe Sarangani in two words -- DELICIOUSLY SARANGANI!










     Proclamation No.1481 dated April 10, 2008 and Proclamation No. 57 dated January 9, 1999, declares April 22 of every year as the Philippine’s Earth Day, and the Month of May as the Month of the Ocean in the Philippines, respectively.

     This year May 11-14, 2009 many marine scientists will converge to the World Ocean Conference in Manado, Indonesia to discuss the pressing environmental issues that affect the ocean today. Simultaneous to this event is the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) where heads of states, including the President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, commit to implementing proactive programs together with the private sector, international agencies, and NGO partners in safeguarding and supporting sustainable growth of the marine environment of the BIMP EAGA countries.

     However, not everybody can go to Manado for this big event. But each one of us can make a significant difference today.  Change is stimulated by the small and big inputs of each individual... For instance the following can be done by us individually.

1. Proper disposal of garbage - segregating garbage will make it easier for us to recycle the non-biodegrable garbage. Meanwhile, biodegrable garbage can be used for compost which can be used for organic farming.

2. Conservation of Energy - There is no doubt that the increase in industry also means an increase need for power. However, the conservation of energy just by closing lights, unplugging electric appliances from sockets can reduce the energy consumption. 

3.  Joining local environmental activities - Local governments and civic organizations want individuals to get involved.  Coastal clean-ups, planting of mangroves, tree planting activities, are just one of the few activities we can participate in.

     This year, the Sarangani Bay Festival invites you to learn together with other local fisherfolk of Glan about the world wide problem of the reef. The Crown of Thorns (CoT) is a variety of starfish (acanthasther planci) that preys on coral polyps and kill the corals. An outbreak of CoTs will endanger the natural habitat of reef fish which in turn will highly affect the livelihood of our fishermen.

 File:CrownofThornsStarfish Fiji 2005-10-12.jpg

    Crown of Thorns have natural predators such as the Giant Triton, Harlequin shrimp and bumphead wrasse.  Its such a pity that Giant Triton's shell are so lucrative to sell, that instead of keeping them in the ocean they are picked out of the sea.  The Napolean wrasse is sited in the Sarangani Bay's Marine sanctuary in Maasim. It is a pre-historic fish that remains to be an endangered specie today. But if we can protect them and their environment we will be able to control the Crown of Thorns.

     The Provincial Environment & Natural Resource Office (PENRO) will be launching their program to help educate fishermen and start a sustainable program of removing Crown of Thorns in the Sarangani Bay.  These efforts will help the development of coral reefs of the Sarangani Bay. The sustainability in the eco-system will translate to economic benefits for the fishermen of the Bay.  If you are interested to learn more about Crown of Thorns and how to participate in saving our ocean, please join us this May 29, 2009 at Tango, Glan this Sarangani Bay Fest.

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